• Timber Products from Siberia

    Welcome to BirchWood! We are timber merchants based in Siberia. We have years of experience in sawn-timber and roundwood export.

Our products

  • Pallet & packaging timber

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  • Construction Timber

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  • Birch sawn timber

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  • Roundwood

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  • Wood chips

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  • Sawdust

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  • Wooden pallets & pallet collars

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    Why choose us?

    It’s a good question. We’ve got some good answers

    We are reliable long-term partner

    We provide a friendly service at an excellent price

    We care about what we do

    We place our clients’ needs first

    Timber treatment

    Anti stain treatment

    Special chemical treatment protects mould and blue stain. Only environmental-friendly products are used.

    To protect the wood, we treat it with Sinesto B or Arlat. The wood is immersed in a bath for 15 minutes.

    Timber drying

    Timber drying reduces the moisture content of wood before its use. When the drying is done in a kiln, the product is known as kiln-dried (KD) timber or lumber. We dry softwood, as we all as hardwood. Possible is drying 8…18% +/- 2%.

    Heat treatment

    To ensure that the threat of bugs has been eliminated the most common form of treatment of wooden packaging is heat treatment.

    A heat treatment kiln must treat the packaging for a minimum period of 30 minutes at a constant temperature of 56oC at the core of the wood.

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